ION ScaleBuster Limited 10-Year Warranty

Solid Performance. Solid Protection.

The ION ScaleBuster has been successfully deployed in more than 300,000 applications. A large number of those ScaleBuster units are still operating efficiently without maintenance or repair in both commercial and industrial situations after 20 years of use. Naturally, in aggressive and non-potable waters where ION ScaleBuster is used to prevent corrosion, a lower life expectancy could result. However the PTFE still remains active to prevent scaling.

When installed properly by an approved ION ScaleBuster distributor in potable water applications, there is a 10-Year Limited Warranty on materials on all ION ScaleBuster conditioners (or 1-Year warranty on filters). In other common applications, including but not limited to industrial fresh water, cooling systems, municipal applications, there is a 5-Year Limited Warranty on materials on all ION ScaleBuster conditioners. See details below.

To determine warranty coverage for your special applications (e.g. desalination, hot water and other non-common uses), please contact your ION ScaleBuster distributor.

ION ScaleBuster® Limited 10-Year Warranty

ION Enterprises Limited (“ION”) warrants to the original purchaser (“Purchaser”) that, for a period as described below (depends on the application) from the date of purchase, under normal use and normal conditions, ION ScaleBuster products shall be free of defects in material and workmanship.
In the event that a defect occurs within the warranty period, the following will apply:

  • Purchaser shall promptly notify ION or the ION Authorized Distributor (“Distributor”) which had sold the said defective product, in writing, with all relevant information about the defect (photos and full written description) to enable ION to determine the cause for the defect, as well as a copy of the original purchase invoice as a proof of original purchase.
  • ION shall be entitled to a minimum of five (5) business days to verify the defect and confirm whether the warranty applies or not (as the case may be).
  • In the event that ION agrees that the defect might be under warranty, the Purchaser shall get confirmation, then the Purchaser must return the product to ION for full investigation for the cause of said defect.
  • It is the Purchaser’s sole responsibility to uninstall the defected product, pack it properly (if possible, in its original packaging, otherwise in similar secured packaging to avoid damage during transportation) and return it safely to ION.
  • ION shall be entitled to a minimum of ten (10) business days to conduct full investigation to determine the cause for said defect.
  • ION shall not charge the Purchaser for such investigation.
  • Following the full investigation, if such defect was confirmed by ION to be covered by the warranty, it is ION’s sole discretion to repair the defected product or replace it with a similar product, within reasonable period of time.

Limited Warranty Period:

  • When installed properly in potable water applications, the Warranty period shall be ten (10) years on materialse on all ION ScaleBuster conditioners (or 1-Year warranty on filters).
  • In other common applications (industrial fresh/recycled water, cooling systems, municipal applications etc.) the Warranty period shall be five (5) years on materials on all ION ScaleBuster conditioners.
  • For warranty period and terms for your special applications (as desalination, hot water and other non-common applications) please contact you ION Distributor.

Warranty void situations: The Warranty does not cover and ION shall not be responsible for other costs incurred with respect to the removal of said defective product or the installation of replacement products, including but not limited to labour and freight. ION does not warrant against and is not responsible for any condition resulting from:

  • Improper installation as failure to follow the ION ScaleBuster installation instructions.
  • Use of ION ScaleBuster product beyond normal use, or in an application not recommended by ION guidelines.
  • The Purchaser had failed to properly register the product on ION website within thirty (30) days from purchasing the product or had registered with false information.
  • The Purchaser had failed to provide the proof of original purchase (invoice).
  • Serial number label was removed or damaged or defaced.
  • Warranty seals (on relevant models only) broken or tempered with.
  • Any damage to the product caused by Purchaser negligence, broken or dented product casing or internal parts (physical abuse or misuse), damage caused by dropping the product (drop damage), damage caused by Purchaser (or anyone hired by the Purchaser) using wrong tools or excessive torque while installing the product, improper handling, act of god (as lightning, flooding, fire, earthquake etc.), fair wear and tear, or any unauthorised repair work or modification.
  • Under no circumstances ION shall be liable for incidental or consequential damages whether such damages are sought. ION liability shall not exceed pro-rated replacement value of the defective product sold originally by ION.
  • No person or entity is authorized by ION to make, and ION shall not be bound by any statement or representation as to the performance of ION ScaleBuster products other than contained in this Warranty. There are no other, oral or written Warranties, liabilities or obligations in regard to defective products in effect for ION ScaleBuster® products. This Warranty shall not be amended or altered.